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Hansen School District 415

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PowerSchool Help

Welcome to the Hansen School District PowerSchool help page. This page will be updated as walkthroughs and how-tos are built. If there are aspects of the PowerSchool Parent portal that you would like to see a how-to made for please make a request to your schools office. In this request please reference the part of the parent portal you would like to see a help page for. Please reference this page first in all your future PowerSchool questions.

PowerSchool Parent Portal Access

With the start of the new school year the PowerSchool Parent Portal has been updated to enable Single Sign-On. This means now if you have multiple students enrolled, you can add them to a single logon to view each students grades. If you only have one student the process of creating an account must still be completed. This gives all parents the option to use the mobile apps available from your mobile device application market.

Below you will find instructions on how to proceed from getting the access ID and code for each student as well as creating your account and associating students to your account.

The first thing you will need before we begin is the access ID and code for each child you have enrolled in school. These codes can be obtained by contacting the school front office. Once you have the codes you are ready to proceed.

  1. Go to http://powerschool.hansen.k12.id.us/public
  2. You will now click on "Create Account".
  3. At the create parent account page, please fill in the required information (First Name, Lastname, Email Address, Desired Username, and Password). Please be aware that your desired username must be unique from all other parents/users
  4. Once you have the account information entered you can link your students. In the Link Students to Account section, enter the students name, as well as the access ID and code/password you received from the school office, and set your relationship to the student.
  5. Do the link student process for each child you have enrolled in school.
  6. You can now click enter
  7. After you click enter if there were any errors you will be returned to the account creation page. If no errors you will be taken to the logon screen. At this point enter the username and password you created earlier (This is not the codes you got from the school office).
  8. After entering your logon information, you will be able to sign into the parental portal.